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The average cost of your baby

The average cost of your baby

The average cost of your baby

Having a baby is of course classed as one of those priceless moments in life but it is safe to say that they cost…alot. How you choose to raise your little one will affect how much it costs you. You may choose to feed your baby everything organic which will of course make a sufficient increase on the cost of your child. You can however, if you want to, raise your child on a budget without them missing out. Buying things second hand like pushchairs and cots etc will keep costs down so that you can spend your money elsewhere on things that you would rather not get second hand. Here we look at the what your child will need in their first year of life and where you can make savings:


It is likely that you will go through around 3000 disposable nappies in their first year alone with a cost of around £450.00. You may want to opt for reusable nappies which you wash and (as is said in the name) you reuse. You will use approx 30 of these at a cost of around £320 a year.


Bottle feeding can be a costly process as in the first year your baby will have around 2000 feeds at the cost of around £1500. If you opt for breast feeding it will literally cost you nothing. That is a massive saving.


Your baby on average will go through 4 or 5 dummies in their first year of life costing around £20.


You will need ALOT of clothes in your child’s first year. You put an outfit on and ten seconds later they will be dirty… it happens all the time so having spares is a must. Clothing can cost alot so getting hand me downs can bring your costs down and help you to save money.



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