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Tips to help your baby sleep

Tips to help your baby sleep

Tips to help your baby sleep

Having a baby will be the best thing to happen to you in your life but it will not be the best thing for your sleeping pattern. Sleepless nights are one of the hardest things a parent will have to deal with when having children. Everyone and their gran will give you advice on how to get your baby to sleep longer but you can only do what works for you, we understand that but we wanted to give you some of our top tips to help not only you as parents but your little one to get a better night sleep. The more sleep you have the happier everyone in the household will be we guarantee you that so have a look at what we have tried and hopefully something will work for you and your family.


Experts suggest that from around birth to four months babies innately possess a startle reflex which causes them to feel like they are falling. With this feeling it startles them causing them to wake up. If you swaddle your baby tightly it will stop them startling themselves and take away this feeling of falling allowing them to have a more relaxed and peaceful sleep.

2.Limit their naps

I know the rule is ‘you should never wake a sleeping baby’ but sometimes this is whats best for them. If you allow them to sleep all day it is more than likely they are not going to sleep at night so we say wake them after around 2 hours. This will not only help them to sleep better but it will help to keep them in a better routine.

3.White noise

If you have other children or just a noisy household then white noise may be the key to help your baby to get a better sleep. As when there is noise around the house then they can be distracted by that then they will struggle to fall asleep. Using a little fan at the other side of the room so that they can hear it but it is not close enough to them to make them cold.

4.Bedtime routines

I will stick by that routine is key forever! Bath, bottle and then bed. Your baby will soon realise that when he/she is going for a bath that it is now bed time. The bath will also help to relax them, we suggest that you add some lavender bubble bath to relax them further helping your baby to have a full nights sleep.




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